• Been wanting to share these photos for a while. During Northside Brooklyn last June I shot these portraits with Sevdaliza. She just released an incredible video for her song That Other Girl. Check it out.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • BRAIDS | Montreal | 04/25/2015

    Just as I was getting into Montreal, Braids was getting ready to leave and fly to Amsterdam to start a short tour in Europe. We shot some photos during their last rehearsal and the morning before their departure. Alex from Blue Hawaii also stopped by to say hi. 

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • SAMARIS | The Standard - NYC | 04/11/15.

    Seeing Samaris perform their first ever New York show, in the penthouse of the Standard Hotel last weekend was a special thing. See more photos Here.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • Hiss Golden Messenger & Phil Cook - Ekko, Utrecht. 02/15/2015.

    So many good people coming through NL these last few weeks. I don’t want these little photo collections to turn into show reviews but last night was a good one. Phil Cook is probably the most natural musician I know. Seeing him play any instrument just makes you feel so good. HGM’s music is traditional but has a punch, it feels very real. I don’t know, I’m happy I was there.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • Viet Cong - Paradiso, Amsterdam. 02/10/2015.

    Pretty amazeballs to hear a sold out Paradiso scream for these longtime favorite persons last night.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • HEALTH - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. 01-23-2015.

    So good to see these guys again. And thank you to Interpol’s tourmanager for letting me hang around and shoot.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • AFTERPARTEES - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam. 01-24-2015.

    Congrats to these guys who released their debut LP over the weekend.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Jacco Gardner - Zwaag, NL 2014.

    These photos came out this week together with Jacco Gardner’s tour dates for spring 2015.

    Check out the dates on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaccogardnermusic

    © Nick Helderman

  • Morrisey | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. October 10, 2014.

    I saw a great Morrissey show at TivoliVredenburg last night.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • End Of The Road Yo La Tengo St. Vincent The Flaming Lips The Flaming Lips Eagulls

    End Of The Road Festival - Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury UK. August 2014.

    Back in august I spent a weekend at the End Of The Road Festival to shoot photos for them. Still wanted to share some of the pics on Tumblr as it was one of the best summer festivals I’ve been to. Also, they have peacocks roaming the fields!

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Getatchew Mekuria | Addis Ababa, Oct 14 2014.

    Back from Addis! Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex & Friends played a super strong show at the National Theatre in Ethiopia on Tuesday. It was amazing to see this project one last time in front of 1500 people. I hope to show more photos of this trip somewhere soon.

    © Nick Helderman.