• Hiss Golden Messenger & Phil Cook - Ekko, Utrecht. 02/15/2015.

    So many good people coming through NL these last few weeks. I don’t want these little photo collections to turn into show reviews but last night was a good one. Phil Cook is probably the most natural musician I know. Seeing him play any instrument just makes you feel so good. HGM’s music is traditional but has a punch, it feels very real. I don’t know, I’m happy I was there.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • Viet Cong - Paradiso, Amsterdam. 02/10/2015.

    Pretty amazeballs to hear a sold out Paradiso scream for these longtime favorite persons last night.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • HEALTH - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. 01-23-2015.

    So good to see these guys again. And thank you to Interpol’s tourmanager for letting me hang around and shoot.

    © Nick Helderman 2015.

  • AFTERPARTEES - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam. 01-24-2015.

    Congrats to these guys who released their debut LP over the weekend.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Jacco Gardner - Zwaag, NL 2014.

    These photos came out this week together with Jacco Gardner’s tour dates for spring 2015.

    Check out the dates on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaccogardnermusic

    © Nick Helderman

  • Morrisey | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. October 10, 2014.

    I saw a great Morrissey show at TivoliVredenburg last night.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • End Of The Road Yo La Tengo St. Vincent The Flaming Lips The Flaming Lips Eagulls

    End Of The Road Festival - Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury UK. August 2014.

    Back in august I spent a weekend at the End Of The Road Festival to shoot photos for them. Still wanted to share some of the pics on Tumblr as it was one of the best summer festivals I’ve been to. Also, they have peacocks roaming the fields!

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Getatchew Mekuria | Addis Ababa, Oct 14 2014.

    Back from Addis! Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex & Friends played a super strong show at the National Theatre in Ethiopia on Tuesday. It was amazing to see this project one last time in front of 1500 people. I hope to show more photos of this trip somewhere soon.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Finally! I’m going to Ethiopia.

    In 2 days I’m flying to Ethiopia to finish a project that started 7 years ago. The Ex will play their last shows with Getatchew Mekuria, a great Ethiopian saxophonist. in 2007 they released their first record together. I was a big fan of The Ex and the culture they represent and hearing them with Getatchew blew my mind. They let me come on the road with them to document the live shows. First in The Netherlands and Belgium, later in France and in 2008 we flew to the States for a 2 week tour.

    Following them around definitely has been the most inspiring project I’ve done. The resemblance between the attitude of The Ex and Ethiopian culture is amazing. I’ve always wanted to complete it by going over to Addis Abeba and document the project there.

    Pictures above are all from the tour in 2008 except the last one.  It shows Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete and Getatchew Mekuria during North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam, 2009.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Bear In Heaven | Bitterzoet, Amsterdam.

    I’ve seen this band many times, but last night might have been the best show of all.

    © Nick Helderman.

  • Beach Masters | Hersonissos, Greece. July 2014.

    This summer De Nieuwe Revu sent me out to Greece to shoot a reportage on the popular party holiday destination Hersonissos. Although the magazine mainly needed a ton of party photos, I also enjoyed the hang with people who I thought I’d have nothing in common with. I’ll post a full collection on my website soon. Until then, here’s one of my favorite shots from that week.

  • 3VOOR12 Award 2014.

    Tonight, 3VOOR12 will announce the best Dutch record of the past year out of 12 nominees. I feel fortunate to have worked with 6 of the artists this year.

    traumahelikopter took me on the road for a week in 2013, from Austin TX to Los Angeles and San Diego through New Mexico and Arizona. Initially I shot a reportage for the VPRO Magazine, but we also used more than 1000 photos for a weird stop motion video for Down In The City. And finally, this shot of the band looking over a cliff in LA was then used as the record cover for their nominated LP I Don’t Understand Them At All. Very proud of this one.

    Tom Trago was featured in DJ Broadcast a while ago, and I got to shoot photos for the 6-page article. It was a very fun shoot, no preparation, just a long walk around Trouw Amsterdam and a lot of improvisation. After the feature was published Tom’s management bought a selection of the images for promotional use. It’s one of my favorite shoots I’ve done in a while because we managed so shoot such a big variety of images in one afternoon. 

    De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig were working on their last record, “Ja Natúúrlijk!” when their management asked me to shoot their press photos. It was a surprising assignment as they’re so far out of the stuff I usually did at that point, but at the same time they fit right in. High five to Kostijn for making that connection.

    Moss was always a band that I wanted to work with, but somehow we never got to hang out in the first years I lived in Amsterdam. 2 years ago they played a special show at Tivoli Oude Gracht for 3voor12, and I helped out with filming. We stayed in touch, and when they started working on “We Both Know The Rest Is Noise” they invited me to come along to Sweden to document the recording and shoot press photos. Unfortunately my gear got stolen one month later together with all the photos. We shot these 4 portraits for the artwork in their rehearsal space with borrowed equipment.

    Thomas Azier and I kind of know each other from the skateboard / whatever scene in Leeuwarden when we were both around 16. Or, so we realised when I photographed him in Berlin for the VPRO in 2012. A year later I looked him up during CMJ in New York. He was playing a pretty shitty club with a very shitty vibe and the party was about an hour behind on schedule. We hung out for a while and then went for a walk around the venue, on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. I shot this portrait right there on the street, about 10 minutes before showtime. After that he set up his stuff, (he was playing solo) and just dove into this 30 minutes set without a light show or any proper sound on stage. Still he took his performance really serious and it made the show more raw, more punk. There he was, black bomber jacket, a mic, bright white light on stage and an audience of dudes in jeans and blazers and drunk women who were talking through the set. And he was just killing it. So powerful. Actually the best performance I saw that week.

    Jungle By Night shouldn’t be in the list really because I shot this photo for their first record, 2 years ago. We talked about referring to those old photos from Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ghanese records. Sweaty, crazy looking guys, posing for the camera but still way too wild for a decent group photo. The Black Hippies, Marijata, those kind of bands. We found this little garden right around the corner from their studio. It’s probably the only good looking photo I’ve ever made of more than 5 people.

    Tonight I’ll be shooting pics on the red carpet for 3VOOR12, and later on at the party inside. See you there!

  • Elbow - closing the 2nd edition of Best Kept Secret, last weekend in Hilvarenbeek, NL.

    I went down to the 2nd edition of Best Kept Secret this weekend to cover the festival together with 5 other photographers. You can see ALL the photos at their Flickr.